This Is Where Resilience Is Developed…

Last week I was invited by Teddy Katz to attend the Canadian International Ekamra Sports Literature Festival and share my personal story alongside many other sports authors such as Sami Jo Small, Anastasia Bucsis, and Kristen Worley.

My session in particular was alongside Kristen, and we had an opportunity to dive into the topic of identifying where resilience comes from, how it’s developed, and how it serves you in your future.

In one way or another, many of us have grown stronger from this pandemic but there is still a long way to go.

Kristen dealt with oppression for years being an athlete who has transitioned and sued the International Olympic Committee challenging their gender policies (and won). During that time Kristen had to learn how to survive without the ideal support network around her.

She talks about how you learn how to live on the edge. You learn new ways to deal with your finances. You learn new techniques that you may not have had otherwise.

In this video, Kristen and I discuss a model that I created to help illustrate crucial moments as you adopt The Hero Mindset to become a hero in your own movie.

And with that, there is bad news and good news.

The bad news is for some of you, you are learning to develop your resilience for the first time. This may be the first time you have been truly challenged in your life, and that’s ok! It just means that the first real test you experienced is a global pandemic, which is a bit more than the average setback.


The good news is, that you are learning to develop your resilience during one of the most difficult times (mentally) in human history and these experiences will help make most anything else in the future seem that much easier.

You will notice that the rollercoaster becomes tighter. “The highs” will become more frequent, and “the lows” will not be so low.

Life then starts to become more of a game in understanding what is truly required to be resilient during difficult times.

Things like focusing on sleep, exercise, nutrition, goal setting, habits, mindset, and more are all the key fundamentals inside of The Resilience Toolbox that have helped me overcome the loss of my father, learn how to walk again, overcome suicidal thoughts, excel in high performance sport, and much, much more.

If we can continue to focus on the fundamentals, you will do wonders in helping keep your mind strong and resilient during these times.

Every day you have a chance to write a new chapter to your story. Yesterday may have not gone as you had planned, but today can be the start of something new… of a new you… a new story.

Just because you have gotten knocked down doesn’t mean that it’s over. This is when your story is just beginning. Keep your head up and keep going.

This is where resilience is developed.

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