How to Mentally Prepare For Setbacks

In 2006, I was paralyzed in a motocross crash.

I was deemed an incomplete paraplegic and was told that I would never walk again.

Fortunately, I did learn how to walk again (Click here to watch a full recap) and within exactly one year to the day I was not only back on my feet, but I was back on the bike and went riding again.

It’s truly the epitome of an epic comeback story.

However, just as I was getting my groove and on a linear upward trajectory in my recovery, I ended up encountering a major, unexpected, setback.

You see, at around the 18 month mark, I was starting to experiment with Botox injections in my legs to help alleviate the muscle spasms that I incur (to this day) on a daily basis. The goal of the Botox was to relax the muscles and calm my spasms down.

The first treatment that was administered yielded great results, so when it was time for the second treatment I requested we increase the dosage in hopes to achieve a better result.

What ended up happening was I the dosage was too strong and ended up completely wiping out all of the muscle growth that I had just achieved over the last 18 months, and after finally getting back on my feet and walking again, I had to go BACK into the wheelchair!

I had to spend three months waiting for the Botox treatment to wear off again, and then another three months trying to regain the muscle and momentum that I had just lost.

I realized that I was trying to go too fast in my recovery, and my eagerness got the best of me.

So here’s what I want to suggest and pose as a reminder for you…

In the COVID world we live in today, there’s a good chance we will be experiencing a second wave. We know that this recovery will not be linear, and there’s an unfortunate good chance that we will be pressed again to retract, retreat, conform and stay inside.

I pray that we don’t have to, but it can happen.

In this video I break down three strategies to help capture your mental resilience and prepare you for future setbacks.

  1. Accept setbacks are inevitable
  2. Document the lessons learned so far
  3. Ask yourself what’s working today

As you think about all the lessons you have learned over the last few months, and the last several years of your life, keep these at the forefront to see that you do have what it takes to continue to grow and grow stronger in the face of adversity. There are no challenges you are facing today that you can’t find your way through.

Remember to accept responsibility, take things one step at a time, and never give up. You too, can become a hero in your own movie.


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