3 Quick Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

The past few weeks since returning home from travelling have been both really great and really challenging at the same time.

I came home ready to throw down with my foot on the gas and pick some momentum back up since working in a time zone 16 hours away was a fair bit difficult.

In a matter of six weeks, I feel like I have gotten back on a great rhythm and am pretty happy with where I am at, but at the same time, physically my body is still having several challenges.

Chronic pain, muscle spasms, and muscle weakness are still challenging me since I was off my routine for five months. I am now playing catch up.

As a result, I have had to be very disciplined to try and navigate this and I haven’t been perfect, that’s for sure. A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to stop drinking completely after just a few created a lot of frustration the following day, which you can read about, here.

In lieu of this, I thought I would share with you 3 quick tips to help manage chronic pain if you may be struggling with something similar.

Stay Active

While it may be tempting to avoid physical activity when you’re in pain, staying active can help reduce pain and improve your overall health. There are many days where I don’t feel like exercising and my leg spasm is feeling intense, but I know that if I force myself to go move my body that at the end my nerve pain will be significantly reduced.

Exercise can help strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and release endorphins, which are natural painkillers. When we stop moving, we stop experiencing these benefits.

When was the last time you moved your body? Is there something you can do today? Even if it’s minimal, can you get outside for a walk or go to the gym for a stretch?

Chronic pain may feel debilitating, but you must ask yourself “What can I do?”.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Chronic pain can be stressful and lead to anxiety and depression. Practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

In my coaching practice and through corporate workshops, I am persistently striving to help people to understand how their mind works. We need to pay close attention to giving our minds the time and space needed to pause and reflect, gaining a deeper level of self-awareness.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you paused to sink calmly into your thoughts? Do you have a meditation practice? A journaling practice? Some form of release where you can mentally check out?

Consider what works for you and what you can focus on today. When chronic pain takes over, focusing on calming your mind to help regulate your relationship to pain.

Seek Medical Help

If you are experiencing chronic pain, it is important to seek medical help.

For me, I have been able to manage everything myself over the years through primarily consistent exercise, but I know many people who benefit from pursuing medical treatment.

I know it can be frustrating to keep trying multiple options. I remember times where I have felt like a guinea pig to see what worked. However, your doctor can help identify the cause of your pain and recommend treatment options that are tailored to your specific needs which may include medication, physical therapy, or other interventions.

In Conclusion

Managing chronic pain is an ongoing challenge and one that at times can feel hopeless, however what I hope you take from this and begin to think about is that small things make a big difference in helping you become that hero in your own story.

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