Your Mind Is Like A Magnet

(Note: This article was originally published on Sep. 29, 2020 and has since been updated.)

Your mind is like a magnet.

According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive thoughts.

Knowing that we are facing an uphill battle, it is upon us to deliberately work to counteract and eliminate those negative thought patters by creating our own belief system.

One of my favourite books of 2020 is Working With The Law. It is a referral from David Neagle, who is a fantastic teacher about money mindset and understanding how the mind works.

(Recently I wrote about How To Believe In Yourself and referenced some of David’s teachings that helped me shift my mindset.)

The chapter Law of Supply illustrates an example about how, similar to a magnet, you must deliberately “charge your mind” to create the attraction you desire.

When unused, a magnet has very little charge, but in the hands of an engineer it can be charged to create a strong force capable of attracting more than it initially was programmed to.

In this video, I share an excerpt from the book that really stands out as you think about the force that exists inside us all and how we choose to use that power and create it.

Tune In

How do we create a positive charge in our mind to attract what we want?

Think positive thoughts!

Sounds simple enough, right?

No. It certainly isn’t… At least, not without persistent effort.

Now, I could go on about different ways and why it is important to think positive thoughts, but I would like you to consider an idea.

If you think of vibrational frequencies, just like a radio signal, you must tune into the frequency (radio station) that is in alignment with the signal you are putting out (your desire).

If there is not a match, you won’t be able to tune in, or attract, someone or something of the same frequency.

However, if you are operating in the same frequency, then you are in alignment with that same vibration and now “like attracts like” and you are in harmony with what you want.

Speak It Into Existence

When things are not going your way, or when you aren’t getting the results you want, take a moment to reflect and think about what language you are using when you speak to other people.

What energy are you portraying through your chest, your heart, your voice when you speak?

Do you speak your words filled with enthusiasm? Energy? Excitement? Possiblities?

Or do you speak the same language as everyone else when things feel “doom and gloom”, “difficult”, “challenging”, or fearful?

The words you speak matter!

I once remember someone say “Don’t say you are having a difficult day. Say you are having a character-building day!

Instead of saying “There are no opportunities. We are in a hard market”, say “The lack of opportunities make this hard market easy to stand out in!”

How can you reframe the situation you are currently in today?

What energy are you speaking into existence? Are you speaking negative and pessimistic thoughts, or are you speaking positive and optimistic thoughts?

Become The Person You Need

I’m not interested in trying to convince anyone of anything. I am more interested in helping people who have the desire to learn and make a change when things are not where they currently want to be.

If you think for a minute that this is silly, simply consider what conversations you are willing to be a part of.

It’s been said that “misery loves company”, and if you think about it, if you are someone who genuinely like to be positive, how much do you love to hang around people that are negative?

If you want to get out of that vibration, you are always looking for someone to lift you up!

Instead of waiting for someone else to lift you up, become the person who can lift someone else up.

Become the person who inspires others.

Become the person who gives before they take.

Become the person who asks for advice before asking for money.

Become the person who speaks up and breaks the chain of negativity within your social circle.

Become the person you need, today.

That, my friends, is how you become a magnet, and how you too can become a hero in your own story.

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