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What To Do When Nothing Is Going Right

How many times have you been completely frustrated with the day, the week, and maybe even the year?

We’ve all been there at some point where it feels like nothing is going right for us and we don’t know what to do. 

We want to pull our hair out. 

We want to scream.

I remember one day when I was running late to an appointment. On my way there I hit every single red light. When I finally got there, I couldn’t find parking and when I pulled out my laptop I realized I forgot my all my documents at home. 

Then after the meeting, I go back to your vehicle and find there’s a parking ticket on my windshield!

I thought to myself, “Come on man! You’ve got to be kidding me!”.

I left downtown Toronto in rush hour traffic and it took me 90 minutes to get home for what should have been a 20 minute drive

And I thought to myself again, “F**k my life. Nothing’s going right.” 

What do I do?

The challenge we are all faced with, I find, is to let go. 

And you might ask, “How do you let go when nothing’s going right?”.

Well, here are three simple strategies that help me regroup when things feel like nothing is going right.

Number one

Completely stop, just stop.

Stop everything you’re doing. 

If you’re driving, I recommend pulling over and completely stopping vehicle. 

I’ve turned off my phone, turned off my music, turned off the car, and put my phone on airplane mode just to create some silence in my life because I could feel myself rushing to the appointment when I didn’t need to.

Then I think about the fact that because I’m rushing, that’s probably the reason why I am hitting all of the red lights!

I believe that the universe is always working in our favour, and when you keep getting walls put up in front of you, they are there for a reason, and in this case I take these signs as a sign to slow down.

When you keep running into walls, sometimes it's the universe telling you to "slow down". Click To Tweet

Try this exercise:

Take a 5 or a 10 minute break, and then just start cruising at a slow pace. I bet you will find that you start hitting every green light because you’re now operating at a different vibration.

You’ve let the dust settle, it’s time to move on, and the world is moving with you, not against you.

Number Two

Go back to the basics.

When things aren’t going right, you might feel like there must be a trick or something to figure the problem out. 

One of the best things I always find is to go back to what works.

If you’re diet is out of order, go back to the fundamental items that give you a consistent digestion pattern. Go back to those items that you know work for you, that bring you energy, and help set you up in the right mindset to have clear cognitive function throughout the entire day.

Stop trying to make fancy meals. 

Stop eating out so much.

Do the hard thing and go buy some groceries, seriously.

If your gym routine is out of order, just focus on getting there on a consistent basis, and then once you have your routine established again… then you can think about “crushing it”. 

To get your routine back, it’s more important to establish the routine and the habit of performing something more than doing it well in the beginning. 

So when you’re trying to get yourself back on track, focus first on getting to the routine down, then try getting fancy… later.

When you’re trying to get yourself back on track, focus first on getting to the routine down, then try getting fancy… later. Click To Tweet

Number Three

Remember to take things one step at a time.

For example, if you’re trying to catch up on your to-do list, think about how you can break things down into small simple steps and tackle then one step at a time.

Creating a list of your most important tasks, or “Top Three Rocks” for the day, will help prioritize your to-do list.

Creating a list of your most important tasks, or “Top Three Rocks” for the day will help prioritize your to-do list. Click To Tweet

Try this:

  1. If you have 15 things to do, begin by writing them all down
  2. Go through that list and highlight the most important tasks
  3. From those items, prioritize the top three. 

These are now your top three rocks to accomplish for the next day.

Below that, I recommend you add 5-7 other tasks to focus on the next day, but above all else, those top three are your priority!

You must accomplish these three tasks, first!

Then simply, rinse and repeat.

That’s literally how to do it, one step at a time.

In Conclusion

As you start to think about those moments where you feel like you are losing control, take a moment to think that maybe the best thing for you to do it to actually let go of control, and just take a step back and let the world unfold as it’s meant to.

It might take you five, maybe 10 minutes to regroup… or it might take you a few days or weeks to get yourself back on track.

The point is that when it feels like nothing is going right, you still have the ability, and the responsibility, to take control of the situation with your own mind and decide how you are going to handle the situation.

That’s what being the hero of your own movie is all about… asking yourself “What would the hero do in this moment?”, and actually doing that.

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