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Strong individuals and organizations thrive by not placing blame on other people, their surroundings, or external circumstances. They thrive recognizing the importance to choose the right mindset as they develop resilience when facing uncertainty.

Choose to adopt The Hero Mindset.

The Hero Mindset is about recognizing Hero Moments, Hero Decisions, and Hero Actions where you choose to step up, make key crucial decisions, and take action in spite of fear. By doing so you become a hero to yourself, to each other, to your customers, and to your community.

Today’s world accelerates change fatigue and mental energy drains from high performing teams. Reigniting passion while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance starts with recognizing what to focus on and how to take personal responsibility.

This program ideal for organizations facing challenges from a shift in the economy, organizational restructuring, launching or reinforcing strategic initiatives, and who are looking to reignite their employee’s passion towards a focused common vision.


  • How to leverage adversity as a driving force in your future success
  • How to unlock the mindset to drive results and embrace change
  • A three step formula to achieve daily, lasting results
  • Practical tools and solutions to stay mentally well during the most difficult of times


This program is ideal for organizations who are seeking ways to support employees during a time of disruption, who are going through significant change, acclimatizing to a new normal, working from home, and looking to build resilience during difficult times.


“Our team benefited greatly having Kevin refresh CDIC on The Hero Mindset and provide us with actionable tools and strategies to help build our mental resilience during unprecedented times. Once again, you have hit it out of the park!”

Nancy Gour

Director, People Programs & Culture, Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation

“We introduced Kevin and The Hero Mindset during our Leadership Team Meeting and then requested he return to deliver The Resilience Toolbox through live session with our Virtual Engagement Community.

More than ever, during these unprecedented times, building our mental wellness is key and Kevin is just the person to drive home key principles and practices anyone can benefit from.”

Katelin Mailer

Vice President, Human Resources, Lactalis Canada Inc.

“Kevin’s presentation provided our team with excellent tools and techniques to help our employees prioritize self-care and focus on their personal and professional goals while navigating the challenging current environment.

The post event response from those who attended the session was very positive!”

Alan Hollingsworth

Chief Sales Officer, Hub International

“I took a concrete step on a key work project this morning as a result of Kevin’s session.

So, if you were wondering if this was impactful, it was!”

Sales Team Senior Leader

HUB International

“As a leader, I am always searching for tools to grow personally, but also provide my staff and partners with what they need to be resilient. Kevin’s session delivered on both!”

Evan Bombino

National Sales Leader, Global Fire Detection Products

“It went beyond my expectations. We need to continue building on this good investment!”

“Kevin is able to treat of what seems like an overwhelming subject in a simplifying manner that makes talking about it accessible.”

Team member

Pratt & Whitney Canada

“Kevin was an outstanding motivational speaker for our team. He hit the entire team like a freight train at a personal level.

I really appreciated his challenge that we can all be a hero in our own way. Kevin spoke about mental illness issues that I think all of us face at some point in our lives. This was impactful as I think as a society, we tend to shelve these discussions due to fear and unworthiness.”

Chad Lundberg

Vice President, Viking Business Unit, Baytex Energy Corp.

“Every session there was a particular learning to take away and the discussions it generated in the group have been invaluable.”

“Truly Inspiring! I needed this!”

Mariana B.

Coaching Client

“The tools you learn help you figure out what mental resilience is and provides you with a path to achieve that.”

Alicia P.

Coaching Client

“So much energy – especially on a Zoom presentation!”

Lisa Salazar

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Norton Rose Fulbright


Employees today are at a great risk of burnout while working remotely. Learning how to set and maintain personal boundaries is still a new skill for many to develop that can leave managers and supervisors struggling to understand why people have a hard time saying “no”, while running the risk of losing team members who simply do not have the tools or strategies in place to take control.

In this program, Kevin takes you through strategies to help identify where poor time management skills can be hindering self-care practices, what psychological barriers can be avoided to help initiate open conversations amongst managers and supervisors, as well as what to do to help further avoid, and if necessary, recover from burnout.

Participants will take part in highly interactive brainstorming sessions, identifying problematic areas, working together to create solutions, all while helping organizations gain further insights to understand where their employees are struggling and need help the most, and discover tools to manage these aspects proactively.


  • How to set and maintain personal boundaries
  • How to separate work life from professional life
  • How to communicate personal/professional boundaries while maintaining personal/professional responsibilities
  • How to avoid and recover from burnout


This program is ideal for leaders and people managers who support high performing teams who are at risk of burnout, teams facing increased workloads due to organizational restructuring, rapidly changing demands of remote work, and organizations who are seeking a deeper understanding of employee’s needs to help support wellness initiatives.



Organizations who adapt quickly, recognize that in order to continue to grow in a virtual environment, teams must revisit and maintain key success strategies that fueled pre-pandemic growth, and continue expanding ideas that foster collaboration in networking, sales, and support to strengthen team cohesion and drive results.

In this program, Kevin takes you through the lessons that he and his team learned from the 2012 season where Sledge Team Canada won every game, except the Gold medal game in the World Championships, to then rebound the following year and claim Gold in the 2013 World Championships.

Participants will engage in exercises including forward focused reflection, brainstorm opportunities to retain and enhance their customer relationships, as well as leverage their internal and external network to stay connected, be more effective and resilient in navigating a virtual world.

This program is ideal for teams facing ongoing organizational challenges and who are looking to grow and reignite their employee’s passion towards a focused common vision.


  • How to reconnect with company values and reignite purpose and meaning in team performance
  • How to embrace growing an organizational culture where innovative thinking is non-negotiable
  • How to foster a team where customer centric communication and collaboration is strengthened through transparency and vulnerability


This program is ideal for leaders who are looking for strategies to maintain a resilient mindset while supporting high performing teams, as well as people managers who are looking to deepen their connection to employees in the workplace (and remote work environments) and continue to foster engagement while building a culture of connection and collaboration.

CBT Checklist - Ipad

FREE! Download The Resilience Toolbox Checklist

10 Immediately Actionable Steps to Increase Your Mental Resilience Today!