I was recently at a buddy’s cottage and had the pleasure of meeting some of his friends, one of which was a first responder. As we all sat together, I listened to him explain the ongoing struggles he’d been experiencing, as a result of the emotional and physical demands of his job.

He spoke of his inability to get a good night’s sleep, and of the excessive drinking that often followed. What blew me away was when he said, “I just gotta make it through another six years so I can retire on a beach and forget about all my problems”.

Have you ever had that same belief, that if you were simply on a beach that all your problems would go away…


A couple of weeks ago I had to bump my meeting twice, which really bugged me.

Not because I had a more important meeting.

Not because I had another meeting run late.

Not because something better came up and I had to lie about why I couldn’t attend my meeting in the first place.

No, I had to bump my meeting three times because I was getting burnt out. I was getting down on myself. And when your mental fatigue and energy go, so do your thoughts.

I was embarrassed, ashamed, and I was honest about it.

When I was able to connect with my friend, as most of us will do, I started to apologize multiple times for having to reschedule but then something cool happened…


With the seasons changing, it’s easy to find yourself reevaluating your life goals. Maybe it was as a result of finally pulling out that vision board you made a year ago, or maybe you’ve just found yourself completely unenthusiastic about activities that once brought you joy. At times, it can even be caused by unavoidable signs showing us that it’s time for a change in our lives. Whether triggered by a singular moment, or a series of events, these signs cause our minds to envision a new version of our future selves. As we reflect, it forces us to quickly acknowledge the spaces that we’ve outgrown – our circumstances, our relationships, or our jobs…


Becoming overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse. Today is Stress Awareness Day, a day to highlight the ways that stress can affect people and what you can do to manage your stress before it becomes a problem.

I’ve outlined my experience with stress, and three quick tips to help you manage your stress better…


One of the biggest challenges we will continue to face in 2023 is learning the ability to turn off work while working from home.

Employers often reach out seeking help in delivering a keynote or a workshop to encourage employees to create space in their calendar and prioritize self-care while balancing work life and home life.

By never disconnecting, employees can find themselves working 10, 12, sometimes 14-hour days and running into the risk of burnout as they strive to meet work demands and not let others down.

So, in order to create some time and space our day to day life, here are five tips to mentally make a switch and turn off work…