The past few weeks I have been delivering my new keynote, Reintegrating Post Pandemic: Strategies to Harness a Brighter Future, and it’s been interesting receiving the audience’s feedback.

Like with most sessions, you never know which lesson or part of your story will resonate the most and as you progress, you always try to keep building on your strongest content.

Recently, I introduced a new principle to consider as we navigate this next phase of life with the pandemic and given the amount of incredible feedback I received from it, I wanted to share it with you here.

We just crested the two-year mark, and most people are looking to get back their feeling of “normal”, but although we are starting to reopen at the two-year mark, I am asking you to give it four years.

Here’s what I mean…


A few weeks ago, I got Covid.

I had just played five games in a sledge hockey tournament, stayed in two Airbnb’s, was on the road, and came home Sunday evening, exhausted.

A few days later I was feeling sick, and I tested positive on the following Wednesday.

I didn’t think it would hit me so hard, but I was down for the count!

Like, really down… I could barely do anything some days and I struggled more than I care to admit.

I am now on day 14 and have tested negative twice. I still feel like I am experiencing symptoms, however, learning from that, I thought I would share five quick tips that helped me get through a few rough couple of weeks…


Over these past two years, I think it’s fair to say we have all changed in some way. We will never be the same.

I know, myself, I will never be the same.

I learned so much about where my strengths and weaknesses are. I learned (again) how important friends and family are to your wellbeing. I also proved to myself that no matter what my business is doing, self-care and my mental wellbeing are of upmost importance.

As we begin to re-emerge through this pandemic, it has created both excitement and, in some cases, a little bit of anxiety for people.

Though it may create nerves for you, this is truly an opportunity to write the next chapter of your story…


With the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games kicking off last week and Bell Let’s Talk Day just passing, it inspired me to reflect on the mental health challenges that so many high performance athletes face, and what we can learn from them.

Just like business leaders, managers, and people leaders, who are being looked to for wisdom, guidance, and inspiration to draw from, it can be intimidating and overwhelming at times to “have it all together”.

Whether you are an Olympian, Paralympian, business leader, manager, or on the front lines, we all have our own mental health journey to navigate.

This is the mental health challenge from an Olympian’s perspective.


Recently I have been noticing a theme in several conversations I’ve had around leaving lockdown and where we are at in the pandemic.

The theme that keeps coming up is the word “grit”, as though it’s another way of saying “We still need to be resilient, we just don’t want to use that word anymore”.

It’s been so long that we now want something new and perhaps different to focus on, but the truth is that being resilient isn’t a one-time thing.

It’s something you need to continue to be, always, forever.

As we continue to persevere, here are three quick mindset shifts to help you in your resilience journey…