How to See Clearly in a Fog of Thoughts

“None of this makes sense.”

Have you ever been there before?

You know, when you are stuck in a vicious cycle trying to understand what is happening in your life?

It can be incredibly difficult to make sense of things when chaos seems to be running rampant in all areas.

Or perhaps when you are engaging with someone else who is seeking control over you in the form of manipulation, gaslighting, guilt or shame tactics.

It can be scary.

What I’d like to share with you are a few thoughts on how to see clearly when you feel like your mind is stuck inside a tornado of thoughts.

Recognize Something is Wrong

How do you feel?

Are you becoming more frustrated than usual?

Are things bothering you that never used to?

Do you feel tense? Are you struggling to make decisions?

Take a moment to reflect upon what is happening inside your body.

Often, our intuition knows more than we think, and if there is something happening inside of us that doesn’t seem right, that’s a good sign that we should reconsider what we are experiencing.

Take a Step Back

When you feel this way, take a step back and pause.

This might mean you stop communicating with someone for a while. It might mean physically stepping away from a situation to go for a walk, book a weekend getaway, book a holiday, take a leave of absence.

When we are closely connected to and attached to “the thing” that is causing us so many challenges, it can be hard to separate our emotions from logic.

When we step away, we can begin to find some clarity.

Let the Dust Settle

While you are away, “let the dust settle”.

What I mean by that is, allow time to pass without trying to force answers.

When you “let the dust settle”, you allow answers to reveal themselves. You’ll begin to experience moments such as:

“Oh, that’s why that happened!”

“Ahh, now I see!”

“I can’t believe I was tolerating this for so long.”

Thoughts will begin to “click together” and you will start to find clarity.

Think of it like you being in the middle of a tornado that you are a part of. If you continue to kick up dust by constantly being active, it’s too hard to see.

When you stop participating by stepping away, the dust settles, and you can begin to see clearly.

Evaluate Your Next Step

After you find some clarity and have those “ah-hah” moments, take a moment to evaluate your next step.

What should you do next?

Will you return to your past situation with a new lens?

Will you allow yourself to continue to be treated a certain way?

Do you need to make a change in your personal relationship or your career?

Do you need support, such a help from a professional?

Who can you speak to and help address the situation? Will they listen?

If they don’t listen, what will you do next?

Decide what you are willing to and not willing to tolerate. From there, you can move on.

Take the Next Step

Once you know what you need to do next, it’s time to act and move forward.

If it’s speaking to your boss, do that.

If it’s switching careers, do that.

If it’s asking your spouse for more emotional support, do that.

If you need to leave a relationship, make the decision to put yourself first.

After you find clarity, take action on what you need to do next to help prevent negative patterns and behaviours from continuing.

In Conclusion

Often, tolerating confusing and challenging situations can lead to decreased mental health, lower self-esteem, absenteeism, self-destructive behaviours, and much more.

When we allow ourselves to be mistreated, manipulated, and tossed around for too long, it may begin to feel like what you are experiencing is “normal”. However, somehow you know in your gut that it’s not.

Stepping away may seem like you may lose control in the moment, when in fact it is actually the very thing that helps give you control.

Take the step and let the dust settle today for your mental health, wellbeing, and to see clearly.

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