3 Mindset Shifts to Ease Uncertainty Around AI

New Year’s Eve, 1999.

There was panic setting in around what was going to happen with computers. The rumors were that computers were not programmed properly to “tick past 1999, into 2000”, and as a result there was going to be chaos with businesses shutting down, bank accounts frozen, and months before the problem could ever be rectified.

When the clock stuck midnight, everything worked. Computer clocks turned over to the year 2000.

Back in the 1940’s, the Ad Industry had their pants up in a knot because television, which had been introduced in the 1920’s, was starting to take over and nobody thought running ads on a television would be worth investing in. They took too much work to create and it wasn’t as popular as radio.

Fast forward to the late 1950’s, television had completely taken over and is an obvious staple in our lives today, just as the radio and internet is.

Why am I sharing this with you?

These are just a few examples of the silly thoughts that have consumed people when something new is introduced, and with that I’d like to share with you three mindset shifts to help ease your uncertainty around Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Think “Who”, Not “How”

If you aren’t someone who is comfortable with new technology, give yourself permission to take a step back and shift your mindset from “How will I figure this out?” to “Who do I know that understands this?”.

For example,

  • Who do you know in the IT department that you could grab lunch with and ask all the questions you feel frustrated or embarrassed about?
  • Who do you know that just loves to geek out on the latest technology and would happily teach you all about the new developments?
  • Who, in your workplace, is younger than you and is looking to gain experience that you can trade your time with to help mentor from a leadership perspective while they educate you on emerging trends?

Even for myself, when I think about figuring everything out that’s going on, it feels overwhelming. However, when I think about who I know within my network or coaching groups that I am part of, I can lean into other experts who can teach me more in 10 minutes than I can learn or discover in 10 days.

Think “Helping” vs “Hurting”

Do you remember when self-serve checkout became an option at grocery stores? People became increasingly upset because technology was taking away jobs.

If you look around today, are there more, or less, self-serve kiosks at the grocery stores? I see more.

Our minds are wired to default to negative thinking. We do not default to positivity and optimism. If that was the case, the pandemic would have been a breeze. Instead, we have to find the positive in every situation.

For example,

  • While the Ad Industry thought TV would be a waste of time, it actually created an opportunity to connect with your audience on more than one sensory level. Instead of just auditory, they now had a visual opportunity to showcase their products and services as well.
  • When online shopping was introduced, people couldn’t imagine not touching or seeing products in person. Now people are willing to buy a home, vehicle, practically anything on the internet – and pay for it – without leaving their doorstep.
  • While autonomous driving may seem crazy, consider what level of efficiency and safety can be created compared to the amount of errors humans make. Over time, efficiency and errors can be reduced with more certainty than when humans allow fatigue, discomfort, or emotions to get involved.

In each case, something new, something greater was introduced that benefited significantly more people than it hurt. Although our minds are wired to think negatively, consider how this will help you in the future. There’s significantly more good coming than there is bad.

Think “Infinite” vs “Finite”

Do you think that once you learn something it should stay that way, or that once you learn something that there will always be another level?

Yes, this is similar to a “Fixed” vs. “Growth” mindset. In either case, you must ask yourself what your mind is focusing on and if it’s in the wrong place, make a decision to shift your mindset.

Those who play a finite game:

  • Seek comfort
  • Need certainty
  • Expect things to stay the same
  • Need to know all the answers
  • Can’t deal with ambiguity

Those who play an infinite game:

  • Seek discomfort
  • Are willing to step into uncertainty
  • Know that change is constant
  • Don’t need or want to know all the answers to begin
  • Are comfortable “figuring things out along the way”

To think that if we had stopped moving forward when there were just “horses and buggies”, or that “radio is good enough”, or that paying cash for everything, forever, would make the most sense… is just ludacris.

Because people before us had the desire and courage to create something new, we all benefit from that.

The same thing is happening right now with AI.

In Conclusion

While we may feel uncertain when something new is first introduced, over time there is refinement and quantum leaps that take place in terms of what becomes possible.

It’s normal to feel uncertain and uneasy when something new is introduced to you. I still experience that myself from something big like AI, all the way down to moving to a new neighborhood and needing to create daily routines all over again.

Regardless of the change you are experiencing, recognize that it’s something to embrace, not something to be feared.

Change is constant. Learning how to think about change is the difference between feeling like a victim to it, or taking personal responsibility over your thoughts and deciding to step forward and lean into uncertainty, knowing that you can use it to benefit your life and those around you in the future.

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