Kevin Rempel has surmounted incredible life-challenges to reach the Olympic podium and now to bring his powerful message of hope and resilience to audiences through his speaking and writing.

Kevin Rempel is a 2013 World Champion and 2014 Sochi Paralympic bronze medalist in sledge hockey with an incredible story of overcoming a tremendous amount of adversity.

Overcoming Challenges

After a freestyle motocross accident left Kevin an incomplete paraplegic at the age of 23, he was told by doctors he would likely never walk again.

Adding to this, Kevin had to deal with his father, Gerry, who fell from a tree while deer hunting, leaving him a complete paraplegic only one year from retirement.

Unfortunately, Gerry couldn’t deal with living with his circumstances and took his own life in July 2007.

Physical & Mental Resilience

That following year, “Remps” as he likes to be called by his friends, was determined. He willed himself to move one toe, then another, then another until – eventually – he not only walked again, but was able to become one of Canada’s best Paralympic athletes, earning a bronze medal at the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

Since then, he has travelled the world, inspired thousands of people, and has been featured around the world in media such as CBC, TSN, and BBC Sport.

Making a Difference, Today

Through his keynote, The Hero Mindset,  Kevin shares his personal story inspiring others that even when you have every reason to give up, you must keep going.

By adopting The Hero Mindset and applying the principles inside The Hero Mindset Blueprint, you too can become the hero of your own story. Unlock the mindset that enables you and your organization to drive results and embrace change.


Kevin’s story has been featured often over the years. Here are two of the top documentaries available by TSN and Accessible Media Inc.

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