Happy Holidays From New Zealand

For the first time in my life, I am experiencing the holidays with no snow.

It feels unusual, that’s for sure. Even just a few short weeks ago while I was in the Dominican Republic, I saw a few Christmas lights near palm trees, and it makes your head turn a little sideways when you think about it.

Today, I am in New Zealand. Mom and I are spending three months here visiting my sister, and I am continuing my journey travelling and working abroad.

The transition hasn’t been an easy one. I have alluded to some of the decisions I have made in recent blogs such as choosing what makes you happy and knowing when to walk away. All awhile, as usual, I kept up many articles on mental health, resilience, and change management.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes I struggled with my physical health.

Because I was only in the DR for a short period of time, I didn’t exactly have the most proper work setup. I often sat on many uncomfortable (hard) surfaces trying to survive without a computer chair, and as a result my leg spasms increased, and left leg swelled up to often painful levels.

My sleep was a challenge in an uncomfortable bed, I struggled getting into a routine for the first few weeks, and I also spent several more hours sitting in front of my computer finishing a 9-week course I was in.

What’s Next?

I share this with you today for a couple reasons:

1. Not to complain, but to provide some context on what changes you will see in my blog and online in the coming months. All these challenges have given me the gift of thinking differently about my business and how I serve. Going forward, my goal will to be more transparent in some challenges that I am experiencing in the moment, and share more frameworks of how I am navigating them as they happen.

2. My blog will have a different cadence, tone, look, and feel. The program I have been going through is Simon Bowen’s, Create My Models program. To me, Simon is a Guru in how he teaches, and after nearly two years since I learned about Simon, I was able to invest into his program. I am excited to bring more visual models to the work and lessons that I deliver.

3. To reconnect with my writing. I feel like I have drifted away from what makes me, me, and I want to get back to spending a bit more time writing, but with shorter stories and lessons. I am sure you’ll love that as well.

I hear there has been a blizzard of a snowstorm back in Canada, near the US border. I hope that everyone is keeping safe on the roads and having a good time with your family.

As the year comes to a close, I wish you a wonderful 2023, and encourage you to keep working on developing your mindset. The world and economy still have a long, rocky road, ahead in its recovery, but with the right mindset, always remember that you too, can become a hero in your own movie.

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