How To Help Someone Struggling With Mental Health

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked for advice on how to help someone who is struggling with mental health.

From my experience, I think the number one thing you can do is to listen… but I know that often you want to do more, but just doesn’t know how.

Lately, I have had one of my best friends come to me and thankfully be comfortable in admitting that he has been experiencing suicidal thoughts amidst COVID.

We talked about what’s been going on, and it is clear that there are a few strong forces going against him.

  1. He drinks frequently
  2. He’s consuming too much (bad) news
  3. He’s not sleeping enough

We chatted about The Resilience Toolbox and the importance around Controlling Your Diet, Hitting the Lights, and Assembling Your Library of assets that support your mental and physical health… so that brought awareness of what he needs to stop in order to begin experiencing a fast and immediate change.

However, what about his fiancé? How does she cope with the situation, and what can she do to help him, and also help herself in the process?

In this video, I break down a simple strategy that anyone can do to help create engaging conversation and support a loved one through a difficult time.

The five steps are:

  1. Get a cookie jar
  2. Fill it with folded pieces of paper that have topics you would like to discuss
  3. Each day pull one question out
  4. Take turns to write your answers down on post it notes
  5. Post the notes on the wall at the same time and have an open discussion

First, the exercise is an excellent tool to help build your relationship. It creates engagement, questions, and can be a lot of fun. It’s not one sided, it’s a collaborative effort and the work is spontaneous!

Plus, it doesn’t cost any money or require you going to therapy. It’s something you can take action on immediately right inside the comfort of your own home.

If you have any thoughts, please leave a comment below!


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