3 Tips On How To Make The Most Of The Holidays

Now, I know this might easily turn into an unpopular topic in the sense that sometimes the last thing that anyone wants to do is to “set goals” for the holidays.

This is your time to disconnect, let go, and just be human. I get it.


What you don’t want to do is come out of the holidays worse than when they started. 

What do I mean?

Eating too much, and getting NO exercise … these areas can be a massive challenge for so many.  In this video, I share three key areas to think about as you head into the holidays to make the most of your time off so that you come out on top, swinging in the new year.

(If you want to further unwind over the holidays, read here on how to turn off work and disconnect completely.)

Three Key Areas to Make the Most of the Holidays


Nutrition: What food (or alcohol) would you call your ‘kryptonite’ that you would like to avoid?

Sleep: How much is too much? Are you willing to sleep the holidays away, or would you like to make time for something else that also means a lot to you?

Exercise: What do you enjoy doing? It can be as simple as going for a walk around your neighbourhood and admiring the holiday decorations. 

(For 10 tips on prioritizing your health year-round, click here.)


Family: When do I say no? How can I set boundaries, let them know in advance, that I don’t stay up late, drink all day/night, and keep myself on track?

Friends: Who do I want to connect with? Who haven’t I seen in a long time? What CAN we do together?

Personal: When do I get “Me” time? Though I may want to make time for others, when do I make time for myself? What does that look like?


Clarity: What resource can help bring me the biggest joy? Is this a time to catch up on reading? Writing?

Health: How can I work on my mental health/physical health? How important is my diet to me over the holiday? How can I create some space for me to clear my mind and improve my mental health?

Happiness: What will fill my cup the most? Is it spending more time with family? Is it working in the garage on your car or motorcycle? Is it learning how to knit or make macrame?

(To discover more powerful ways to prioritize yourself and practice self-love, read here.)

As mentioned in the video, all of these areas have a tool to help you get a grip on your physical and mental health inside of The Resilience Toolbox.

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As you head into this holiday season, please take time to disconnect. Sit back on the couch, get comfy, and catch up with friends you haven’t seen all year… but remember, this is your opportunity to take even further control of your own life and move the needle forward, not further backward, to kick off 2023.

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