Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

Hey it’s “Remps” here. Today I want to talk about – ME – and more importantly, about YOU. I want to talk about how you need to be the hero in the movie of your own life. Yes, I said you, and I said HERO.  Now let’s talk about how and why.

My name is Kevin Rempel and over the next little while I would like to spend some time chatting with you about all kinds of topics including: mental wellness, success, motivation and resiliency – to name just a few! I’m a Team Canada Paralympic medalist (Sochi Paralympics, 2014) a former freestyle motocross competitor, an author and a corporate motivational speaker. I’ve got something to say but I should start by forewarning you I might have a small problem with language! When I’m passionate about something (and I’m a pretty passionate guy) occasionally the “F” bombs will fly. However, here, in this series of personal blogs, I’m gonna try my best keep ‘em clean!

I want to share my experiences with you because I’ve been on the dark side. I’ve battled critical injuries, both seen and unseen. From wheelchair to walking, from depression to dancing on the high of a Paralympic medal win, I can speak firsthand to the courage, resiliency, determination and guts required to live my motto: “When you have every reason to give up, keep going.”

That’s why I want to talk today about becoming the hero, the STAR of the show in your own life.

What is a hero? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary a hero is defined as "a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities" (1) and I like to think we all have those capabilities and qualities within us. Our commonality is that we are each capable of brave acts and in possession of “fine qualities” and our uniqueness lies in what those brave acts and fine qualities are.  

For someone battling a physical injury, your “brave act” might simply be waking up each morning, rising out of your bed ready to physically try and try and try again. My battle back from incomplete paralysis for example, started with moving just one toe.

An individual battling depression might have the “fine quality” of determination – the willpower to continue going to work or school while battling this dark, often debilitating, deep inner force. I’ve been there too and just the determination to wake up and eat a healthy breakfast was the start of that particular journey to wellness.

My point is, whatever your battle, YOU are your own HERO just by being YOU.  YOU write the script to your movie, and why be in the background as a fill in when you can be the STAR, the HERO in your own movie!

I now run a company called The Sledge Hockey Experience. I endeavour to do a couple of things with this company: offer corporate training and motivational speaking engagements while playing sledge hockey (it’s so cool, you gotta try it!) and I raise much needed funds and awareness around the sport of sledge hockey so that I can give back, funding sleds through the ASAP program founded by Wade Beebe.

The “All Sports, All People” program is a non-profit fundraising initiative that will put sleds in the hands of kids who want to play hockey but couldn’t otherwise afford to. These are just two of the many ways I am trying to be a HERO in the movie of MY own life!

I hope you like what you’ve read so far and I think it’s time we got to know one another a little better. I invite you to dialogue and interact with me on social media anytime. I invite you to follow me on this journey as we blog about YOUR potential for success.

Be the HERO in the movie of your own life – filming starts today!  

(1) Merriam Webster