What to do When Nothing is Going Right

How many times have you been completely frustrated with the day, the week, and maybe the year? We've all been there at some point where it feels like nothing is going right for us, and we don't know what to do. We want to pull our hair out. We want to scream. I punch things. I punch my car seat every now and then. I just punch the passenger seat because it's so frustrating when I'm driving around and nothing's going right.

I remember one day where I was on my way to an appointment. So I was late for my appointment, so we moved it. I'm on my way over there, and I hit every single red light. When I finally get there, I can't find parking. When I get to the appointment, I pull my laptop and I realized I forgot some documents at home. So I get through the meeting, go back to your vehicle, and all of a sudden, there's a parking ticket on my windshield in that case there. I'm like, "Come on man."

By the time I was leaving downtown courier in Toronto, you know then I'm driving home in rush hour traffic because I was behind in everything else, and it takes me like 60 to 90 minutes to get home for what should be like a 20 minute drive, and you're like, "F my life. Nothing's going right." What do you do?

The challenge that we're all faced with is like from my experience in a situation like that is to let go. It's like how do you let go when nothing's going right. How do you start to have a little bit more patience and gain a perspective on maybe what's the reason behind what you're going through, because I truly believe that the universe is always working in our favor, whether that favor seems like it's going right or wrong, is that the universe, I'm my experience, is always kind of guiding us all in some way.

 Sometimes when things aren't going right, it's because it's trying to steer us in a different directly, but we're constantly fighting to go in that direction when really the best thing that we can do is just let go. Okay, so what I want to do is I want just share with you three ideas here on how you can start to kind of gain some control back when you feel like everything is starting to fall out of your own control.


Completely stop, just stop. Stop everything you're doing. In my case, I've literally done this. If I'm driving, I've pulled over and park my vehicle. I've turned off my phone, turned off my music, turned off the car, put my phone on airplane mode just to create some silence in my life because I feel like by rushing to that next appointment ... I literally think about this. By rushing to the next appointment that I'm late for, that I may not even want to make it to in the first place, that's why I'm hitting that next red light.

I've had moments where I've stopped completely, and taken a 5 or 10 minute break, and then I just start cruising at a slow pace, and I'm hitting every green light because I'm just in a different pace going through my day and through life and through the world and all that. But by just coming to a complete stop, what it does for you is it just lets the dust settle. So give that a try.

Stop everything you're doing


Go back to the basics. When things aren't going right, you feel like there's gonna be something more complicated about figuring the problem out. But one of the best things to do is just go back to what works. If you're diet's out of wack, just go back to the fundamental items that you know that you include that you are healthy with, and get back to your normal shopping routine. Or if you can't crush a workout, just focus on the basics of getting out of your house or your condo and just getting to the gym that one, two, or three days away. Just get outside the basic fundamental of exercise can just be movement versus crushing a workout.

One of the best things to do is just go back to what works.


As you try to rebuild, remember to just take things one step at a time is that if you're coming back from like a cloudy experience or a messed up day, or you've got a ton of stuff on the to-do list, and you need to regroup that to start getting your control back. As you let the dust settle, you take a step back, you look at your to-do list, and you prioritize them. So then you come with MITs or ROCs, so most important task, your three most important tasks, or in my case, I like having my three ROCs for the day.

As you try to rebuild, remember to just take things one step at a time.

Look at that list of like 15 things to do, highlight the top three things, write them down. In my case, I have a market board. And just focus on those three core areas that you need to in your life or in your business, and then just repeat that process over and over again. But you tackle these lists, you tackle these massive to-do list one step at a time. So, just start thinking about the fact that often when we think that the thing that we need to do that most is to keep holding on, the best case scenario is in fact letting go.

I want to challenge you to start thinking about how can you start to let go when you're losing control of your own life. Stop everything you're doing. Let the dust settle. I want you to go back to the basics, and just do those simple things that work for you in the first place that go you to the point before you started losing everything. And then when you start to rebuild yourself, your habits, and your momentum, just start taking things one step at a time. Being the hero of your own movie requires you to start thinking about more of a long term focus, a long term vision of where you want to go than these daily smaller challenges you're facing on a regular basis.

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About Kevin Rempel:

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