Strong organizations thrive by having a group of individuals who do not place the blame on other people, their surroundings, or external circumstances.

These organizations thrive because individuals recognize the role they play in the company’s success, and by how accepting responsibility for their decisions, they begin to make subtle, yet significant changes to help drive results and embrace change.

These changes begin by having the right mindset - The Hero Mindset.

The Hero Mindset is about recognizing Hero Moments, Hero Decisions, and Hero Actions. Everyday there are moments where we can choose to accept responsibility to make a new decision. By taking things one step at a time, we begin to make real change happen by taking action to achieve the results we desire.

That is how you become the hero of your own movie.


  • How to leverage adversity as a driving force in your future success

  • How to unlock the mindset to drive results and embrace change

  • A three step formula to achieve daily, lasting results

  • Practical tools and solutions to stay mentally well during the most difficult of times

  • The number one personality trait of all high performers


  • Organizations going through expansion, downsizing, or restructuring looking to support employees through a transition

  • Industries facing tighter regulations and increased competition who seek to achieve new sales targets

  • People Managers and Human Resource Managers who lead high performing teams where mental health is paramount

  • Workplace Safety Leaders in high risk industries looking to reduce on accidents on the job site and help encourage employees to slow down and speak up

  • Organizations looking to gain a new perspective on people with disabilities and uncover unconscious bias to embrace diversity in the workplace



Kevin was an outstanding motivational speaker for our team. He hit the entire team like a freight train at a personal level.

I really appreciated his challenge that we can all be a hero in our own way. Kevin spoke about mental illness issues that I think all of us face at some point in our lives. This was impactful as I think as a society we tend to shelve these discussions due to fear and unworthiness.
— Chad Lundberg, Vice President, Viking Business Unit, Baytex Energy Corp.
The way he was able to relate his story back to our workplace safety mandate was fantastic. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from not just our attendees, but also from our staff who were lucky enough to hear him speak.  

Since our staff have been around for a while, and have heard speakers like Chris Hadfield and Michael Landsberg, that is really saying something.”
— Sandi Buscarini - Program/Team Lead at Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
We have had Kevin at two of our leadership meetings and he absolutely rocked it. Straight to the heart with his key messages and high impact. Definitely worth engaging as he is an inspiration and very positive role model.
— Rene Quercia, VP, Mobile Mortgage Specialists and Broker Sales, TD Bank
Kevin is an engaging speaker with a compelling story that needs to be heard and listened to. He is inspiring, humble and reminds us that we can beat anything life throws at us with the right attitude and a focus on doing the daily activity that will ultimately result in compound success.
— Lynda Rose, General Manager, Mary Kay