When Life Changes in the Blink of an Eye

Hey it’s “Remps” here and you’ve probably heard this expression a ton of times over the years. According to Google, “A real blink of an eye takes 300 to 400 milliseconds.” To put that in perspective, “since there’s 1000 milliseconds in each second, a blink of an eye (actually) takes around 1/3 of a second. (1) In other words, not very long.

Yet it’s true that in that time span, everything about your life, as you know it, can change – for better or worse. For me, it’s not so much about that defining moment, that blink of the eye when your life changes, rather it’s about how you choose to respond to that change.

Let’s get personal here. Both my Dad and I experienced life-changing accidents that occurred in the blink of an eye.  True, we weren’t measuring actual time when a tree branch broke and my Dad plummeted 25 feet to the ground becoming a complete paraplegic. Nor was anyone holding a stopwatch when I performed a motocross stunt and crashed to the ground instantly suffering an injury that made me an incomplete paraplegic. It’s safe to say however, that in those brief few moments both our lives changed instantly. The difference lay in how each of us responded to these “blinks.”

My Dad didn’t cope well. In fact, sadly, he took his own life just a few years after his accident. I on the other hand, chose to be “the HERO in the movie of my life.” It wasn’t easy and frankly, some days it still isn’t easy. But for me, there was simply no other option but to just keep on going.  At age 23 I wasn’t about to give up on my life and my feeling was even though I had every reason to give up, I chose instead to just keep on going.

That’s actually become a bit of a mantra for me.

True story, even in the immediate aftermath of my accident, I told my friend (who had been recording my stunts) to keep on recording. Why? Because I had already decided the footage would look great in my “comeback” story.  Resiliency is the ability to come back quickly from difficulty. It’s the ability to bounce back and in those moments after my accident, I had already decided that unlike my Dad, I was not going to let this one thing define (or defeat) me.

My story might differ from yours but the themes of resiliency, persistence, leadership, inclusion, goal setting, fear, health and wellness, mental health and more are all topics that are universal. By sharing my story in blogs, in my book “Still Standing” and in my motivational speeches offered to corporate groups in the public and private sector, I will seek to share how you can be “the HERO in your own movie.”

I hope that you will follow along as every couple of weeks I address the topics I’ve just outlined. As a result of my experiences from paraplegia to Paralympic athlete and everything in between I know I have something important to share. I invite you to dialogue and interact with me on social media anytime. I invite you to follow me on this journey as we blog about YOUR potential for success.

Be the HERO in the movie of your own life – filming starts today!

(1) https://www.quora.com/How-long-does-one-take-to-blink

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