How To Rapidly Dismantle Fear

I’m currently reading the book titled “TRUST” by Iyalana Vanzant.

I got into the book because I signed up for a 90-day program with David Neagle.

David teaches money mindset for entrepreneurs and we are currently working through some of this book to get a better understanding on how as entrepreneurs, we can often lack self-trust to believe in our abilities, decision making, true desires, and much more.

Currently we are reading a section titled “DARE TO TELL THE TRUTH”.

The sub section I am at is on “Truth, Honesty, and Trust”, and it begins by talking about fear and how to dismantle it.

It goes on to say:

“One way to challenge and dismantle fear is to announce it. In your quest to be transparent, to share information, and to know that you can be trusted, let people know: ‘I am afraid of X, but I am willing to walk through it. I am asking you to please be sensitive to where I am right now.

You cannot be any more transparent than this on the journey to self-trust. This means you can share information and the details of that information in a way that supports your and gives others the opportunity to support you as well.”

As soon as I read it, two things jumped out at me.

  1. This can be applied to anywhere in life that you may feel fear. Whether it is sales, relationships, goals, dreams, and anything in between.
  2. This especially applies to mental health, stress, anxiety, and wellbeing.

One of the key strategies that I have learned over the years in dealing with mental health is the power of “labelling”. When we label something – ie. When we bring it to light by giving it a name, calling it out and acknowledging it – we take its power away and loosen the grip it may have on us.

Given where we are at in the world today, especially in Ontario, Canada, as some people are returning to work, the election that just passed, and vaccine passports rolling out, there is a lot that continues to create uncertainty, and a lot to acknowledge.

In just a few short weeks, on October 10th, it will be World Mental Health Day. I think if we learned anything over the last year, it’s that we are ALL impacted by mental health in some way.

We know that we need to speak up about mental health more than on just one day a year. More and more organizations are finally making mental health and wellbeing a top priority in their wellness strategy.

My challenge for you today is to ask yourself, what fear do you need to acknowledge today, and to whom?

Chances are that there’s something that’s got a grip on you, and you can loosen that grip today by speaking up about it.

In your continued journey to navigate these uncertain times, learn to trust yourself more and speak your truth about the challenges you face.

As always, that is how each of us can become a hero in our own movie.

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