Hit Publish Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

This summer I decided to begin trying to document my life, GaryVee style.

I hired a media team to work with me, follow me around, capture the day to day operations of the business and see what else we could come up with. We produced episode one, one week late, but we got it done!

You can view that episode here.

After the first week I found that things were not going as planned and I needed to reevaluate the large financial investment I was making, and so I quickly applied the brakes on the project.

We didn’t come to a complete halt. We did still continue throughout September, but far less aggressively. I tried the best I could to focus on what lessons we were learning along the way versus simply trying to meet a desired level of output without understanding the operations first.

I learned a lot of lessons last month.

Like, I’m not kidding you when I say I am exhausted just thinking about the laundry list of lessons I learned.

I will 100% be publishing an article about what those lessons were so that you can learn from them too, however, for now I want to try and take some other Gary Vee advice and “just hit the publish button” anyway.

I have been sitting on this footage now for a month, but here is a look at episode two of the journey learning to document my life with a team.

If you have two seconds, please let me know what you think, and I will be sure to keep working on more content as soon as I can.

. . .

Side note: I have also started writing my articles on Medium.com and I’m pretty pumped to be writing on that platform. I want to get better at writing with an objective on what your lessons will be to learn from my experiences.

Check out my Medium.com profile HERE!

In this case, I simply want to acknowledge “my failures” (even though September and the media team WAS NOT a failure!) so that you can see the journey I am on.

I do not have this all figured out. This was an extremely big wake up call about me learning “to slow down to go fast”, and amidst all the self discovery bull crap I am on about being an entrepreneur and leading a team, I think you will enjoy this content as it reflects on other major hurdles I have had along the way.


— — — — 

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