New Sledge Hockey Experience Documentary Available Through Accessible Media Inc.

Back in 2010, TSN put together this documentary for Sport Centre when I made Team Canada.

It was a highlight moment for me, as I had dreamt ever since the day my dad fell from a tree (and the day that I crashed my motorcycle) that one day my story would be told for the world to see.

I feel very proud to help inspire people through that story.

Since then, the story has grown as I am now retired from competition and focused on helping build The Sledge Hockey Experience.

The Sledge Hockey Experience is a half day corporate team building program which helps change people’s perspectives about life and people with disabilities enabling themselves and their organization to be resilient through change and achieve their goals.

It is something I dreamt of ever since the 2012 – 2013 season.

Just last week, Accessible Media Inc. launched Level Playing Field, a documentary which celebrates the power of sport. In this digital short, former teammate, host Greg Westlake, introduces athletes, community groups, healthcare professionals and grassroots innovators who demonstrate a desire to help drive positive social change through sport.

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) believes in an inclusive society in which media is accessible to all Canadians. AMI’s goal is to be a world leader in accessibility, from the way we regard our customers to the employees we hire. It is the driving force behind the way we operate our business with the end purpose of making a difference and leaving a positive impression through all of our touch points.

The programming they offer online is created specifically for those people with disabilities in mind, and has fantastic stories ranging from sports, business and technology, and so much more.

Please visit AMI.ca to learn more… and before you go, one more piece to mention.

Some of you may know about the fundraising we do to help buy sleds for kids with disabilities. This is made possible through All Sports All People (ASAP), a fantastic non-profit organization which was started by Wade Beebe in Orillia.

AMI caught up with Wade and ASAP to share their story as well, and I have to share it with you.

Just like Royal Bank of Canada helping me pilot my first Sledge Hockey Experience ever, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help from Wade and ASAP. ASAP’s loaning program allowed me to run that test event in 2016.

Today, ASAP is growing rapidly helping more families get involved in sledge hockey and young children gain confidence through the power of sport.

Wade’s son, Kayden, particularly had some remarkable comments in the interview, which you can watch here.

“It’s got me stronger. I’ve learned the boundaries, skills, and I feel like a proud man. It feels great because I actually get a chance to come out and show people what I’m made of. I may have a disability but I’m still more than that.”

I think that alone speaks volumes to what sledge hockey can do when you put everyone on a level playing field to discover their inner strength, and what the power of people with disabilities truly looks like.

Please take a moment to check out each feature, and leave a comment if you have tried sledge hockey or would love to give it a shot. It would be our pleasure to help get you #ButtDown in a sled!

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About Kevin Rempel:

Paralympian, keynote speaker, and founder of the corporate team building program, The Sledge Hockey Experience, I help people change their perspective about life and people with disabilities. Visit www.kevinrempel.com for more information.

Download your FREE copy of my autobiography, Still Standing: When You Have Every Reason to Give Up, Keep Going here.

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