The question about how to overcome failure and setbacks has been a recurring theme over this last year. Everyone has faced some form of failure or setback, no matter what business you are in.

When I think back to my journey to learn how to walk again, the first few years were exciting because of all the progress I was making.

When all of a sudden, one simple decision set me back a full 18 months and I had to start from scratch again…


“Do you love yourself?”

Last October when I was struggling I was asked that question, and the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized I couldn’t come up with a clear answer.

Let me explain why…

In 2007, I lost my father to suicide.

After he was paralyzed in 2002 from a hunting accident, he found it difficult to live with his injury.

Five years later, he took his own life.

Then in 2006, I was paralyzed after a motocross accident.

Fortunately, I was able to learn to walk again. However, as my dad left us during my recovery period and those two events led me down a dark path…


One of the biggest challenges we are all facing these days is to stay focused while working from home.

We no longer have others helping keep us accountable, the same environment or team members to encourage us, and have all heard stories about how difficult it can be to learn how to manage your kids while in a virtual meeting, making getting our work done that much more difficult.

Personally, one of the biggest changes I experienced during the pandemic is that I moved out of Toronto to Barrie and split up from my roommate, disconnecting from the accountability I once had.

Reflecting on lessons since I moved, here are my top five tips I have learned about how to focus while working from home…


These days it is easy to get caught up in the back to back, day to day meetings, that you find yourself spinning your wheels, struggling to get back into a groove.

According to the Morneau Shepell Mental Health Index Report (January 2021), over 80% of respondents have indicated that the pandemic has impacted their mental health and burnout has tripled in comparison to 2019.

And so, if you find yourself in a situation today that you are struggling to get yourself back on track, here are five tips to help you in your personal and professional life, recover from burnout…


When I left playing with Team Canada in sledge hockey and created the Sledge Hockey Experience, I was all over the place with my schedule and found myself close to burning out on several occasions as I built a life after sport.

Before you know it, you might find yourself in a downward spiral that you feel like you can’t get out of.

If you find yourself struggling and on the brink of burnout, here are five tips to help you take back control and avoid burnout…