One of the biggest challenges we will continue to face in 2021 is learning the ability to turn off work while working from home.

Employers often reach out seeking help in delivering a keynote or a workshop to encourage employees to create space in their calendar and prioritize self-care while balancing work life and home life.

By never disconnecting, employees can find themselves working 10, 12, sometimes 14-hour days and running into the risk of burnout as they strive to meet work demands and not let others down.

So, in order to create some time and space our day to day life, here are five tips to mentally make a switch and turn off work…


As 2021 looks to be another virtual year, many organizations have done a great job of pivoting to supporting employees in remote work.

Teams are operating at a functional speed. Some employees are thriving in this new environment.

However, even for those who do thrive while working from home, it is a constant battle to encourage employees prioritize their self-care and support their wellbeing.

Here are five tips to help you and your team foster healthy boundaries while working from home…


Today, so many people are searching for some meaning, some purpose, something to help guide them towards maintaining their mental resilience as we navigate life while working from home.

Last November, after spending the first eight months of Covid doing quite well, mentally, I found myself down in the dumps and have some pretty depressive days.

I was really struggling.

And so, I decided to participate in the first “fitness challenge” of my life, ever – the #75Hard Challenge…


As Bell Let’s Talk Day approaches, I feel that it is safe to say that mental health is no longer just a topic that we speak about once in a while, but it is now something that we have all experienced in our lives.

This pandemic has tested even the strongest of leaders, learning how to navigate rapid change, managing and supporting a large number of employees that need critical and ongoing support, searching for practical ways to maintain some sense of boundaries that allow them to prioritize self-care, while at the same time trying to maintain performance, and even in some cases, trying to aim higher…


Recently, I have been delivering a series of Instagram Live videos on resilience with some of my friends in high performance sport.

Tyler McGregor, is the Captain of Team Canada’s Para Ice Hockey team, and Natascha Wesch is my former sport psychologist from when I trained for the 20144 Sochi Paralympics.

After my last session, we wrapped up with one of the most simple and powerful takeaways you can imagine!

How to be resilient in “.1” step at a time…