Three Surefire Ways To Stop Hitting Snooze and Power up Productivity

Three Surefire Ways To Stop Hitting Snooze  and Power up Productivity

Did your “get up and go” get up and leave? It happens. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It’s natural to lose momentum sometimes and fall into a funk. But you don’t have to stay down there.

You can make some intentional choices to get yourself out of that funk and it all starts with setting some routines.

If you want to stop hitting the “snooze button” and start getting the most out of each day

These Three Words Can Save Your Life

These Three Words Can Save Your Life

One of the biggest struggles I find people face when experiencing mental health issues is learning how to effectively ask for help.

To begin, it’s very difficult to admit that you have a problem. I’ve been there on three occasions where I thought I had it all figured out on my own, but I continued to struggle. It wasn’t until one day when I finally said to myself “Enough is enough!” and I stopped beating around the bush.

Previously when I asked for help, I would say things like…

It’s OK to say NO

It’s OK to say NO

As a former elite level athlete and someone who suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury, I can tell you all about what it takes to achieve both physical and mental wellness. While I am not a qualified medical professional, I do know a few things about the subject of resilience after all I’ve been through.

One of my favourite sayings is “be the HERO in your own movie”. You might think that to be a hero, you always have to push yourself to the limit, to always say “Yes!” to challenges. Because that’s what a hero does right? A hero always answers “the call.”

The reality is a true hero sometimes says “No.”