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Actionable steps for Human Resource Professionals looking to support employees in developing mental resilience, or individuals who work from home.

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High Performance strategies used by Olympians and the most elite athletes in the world... so you too can deliver world class results, operate, and perform at your best on a daily basis!


The most important writing technique that will instantly remove negative thoughts from your head..so you can gain clarity, focus, and move the needle forward in your life and business today.


Simple frameworks to help you take control of your decisions. (Shift from making destructive unconscious decisions to conscious, constructive, and effective decisions... no more viscious cycles!)

About your host

After being paralyzed in 2006 in a motocross crash, Kevin has not only become role model, but a resource for Human Resource professionals who seek to inspire and support employee wellbeing during difficult times.

Kevin works with organizations and individuals who understand that developing a resilient mindset and supporting mental health initiatives requires a set of tools and strategies that can be easily replicated and applied to achieve lasting results.

His signature framework is built around cognitive behavioural therapy techniques that put you in the driver’s seat by taking an active role in the resilience building process.

He’s on a mission to help eliminate destructive behaviours, get employees out of a rut, and take personal responsibility in creating the life you want to live, all while being happy and fulfilled in the process.

Kevin is a specialist in mental health and resilience to help you create an immediate shift in your mindset to drive results and embrace change.

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