Job details:

Videographer/Editor required for ongoing support.

About me:

I am a retired Paralympian in sledge hockey (Bronze - Sochi 2014) and run two businesses.

1) I am a public speaker, and speak on mental health and change management. (

2) I run a corporate team building program in Toronto, ON, called the Sledge Hockey Experience (SHE), which focuses on team building, diversity, and inclusion. (

I won’t get into the full story here, but in short, I was paralyzed when I was 23, and my dad was also paralyzed four years before I was.

My dad, unfortunately became very negative, depressed, and developed a gambling addiction which ultimately led to my mom leaving my dad.

Seven weeks later, my dad took his own life.

I recovered, found sledge hockey and Team Canada, and turned my life around. I did go through post Olympic depression, but am extremely proud to say that I am doing exceptionally well and living a kick ass life.

It’s for those reasons that I choose to be a mental health advocate, from my experiences with my dad I love public speaking, and knowing what the sport of sledge hockey did for me, that’s why I choose to make SHE my life after sport.

I want to help people suffering from mental illness, grow the sport of sledge hockey, and help support people with disabilities.

What I need help with:

Two things:

  1. I am looking for a videographer/editor who can post produce, and specifically take long form video content from my keynote speaking engagements and break it down into micro content for social media.

  2. I need assistance with sledge hockey videos.

    • Filming more instructional videos like these videos on YouTube

    • Breaking down game footage and preparing micro clips for Instagram and Facebook

There are two people I would like to model myself after:

  1. Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary Vee)

  2. Peng Joon (PJ)

If you are familiar with either of those two people, that is a massive asset.

Here is a link to one of Gary’s articles on that subject, and here is a video as he speaks about it. Also be sure to check out his PDF on micro-contenting a speech.

Here is a link to Pen Joon giving a live presentation about his method.

Familiarity with programs:

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
All Social Platforms (TW, FB, IG, LI, YT)
Final Cut Pro
Google Docs
Microsoft Office
Website Design
Windows Movie Maker

Who I am looking for:

I would like to work with someone long term. I believe that in order for this to become something great, that having someone invested into the vision, business, cause, and journey are extremely important.

If mental health or people with disabilities is something near and dear to your heart, that would definitely be a big win.

At the same token, attention to detail, grammar and spelling, consistency, reliability, trust, communication skills…. all play a big role in the relationship.

Commitment required:

Estimated 5-10 hours per week to get things going.


To be determined - can be hourly or by per project basis.


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Next steps:

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