The Resilient Mindset Roadmap

A 90-day coaching program to take charge of your mindset


Leveraging his own experience that has helped take him from paralysis to podium, in this 90-day coaching program, Kevin Rempel takes you through the strategies and techniques he used to overcome the loss of his father by suicide, learning how to walk again, coping with isolation during his four-year recovery period, and ultimately helping Canada earn a bronze medal at the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

It can be easy to stray from simple guiding principles that help create the resilience we need to thrive during times of uncertainty. Despite what may be happening around us, we all have the ability to focus on our mindset and what we can control to create the belief system we need to be resilient and consistently rise to the occasion.

This Course Is For You IF:

You are going through a career transition.
Perhaps you are starting a new job, experiencing job loss, changing your career or role due to restructuring.

You are going through a life transition.
Perhaps you experienced or are experiencing a life altering injury or illness, the loss of a family member, friend, or loved one, or relocating to a new city.

You are experiencing identity loss.
You are struggling with sense of self, your self-worth, or who you are after a significant loss.

You are feeling lost without direction.
You struggle to make decisions, keep your commitments,  create the results you want in life, or find a new direction with purpose and meaning.

You have lost hope in the future.
You feel hopeless, unclear, and lethargic on a day to day basis and can't find a reason to get up out of bed.

You are unsure about what next steps to take.
You are looking for someone to help guide you and give you direction to find your new path in life and stay mentally resilient on your way to living.

An Ideal Participant:

  • Has a desire to learn and become better
  • Is willing to take personal responsibility for their life
  • Will commit to taking action on a consistent basis
  • Is coachable and open to honest and transparent feedback
  • Embraces vulnerability in order to grow

Who This Program Is NOT For:

  • People who are not willing to invest in themselves
  • People who are pessimistic and choose to live permanently with a victim mentality
  • People who want someone else to do all the work
  • People who are not committed to getting to the next level
  • People who do not have a desire for more joy and control than they have today



How to strategically create belief that will shift your mindset internally so you can attack each day with confidence.

  • Simple writing techniques that will help you find clarity so that you can focus
  • Assemble resources that will provide quick support so that you have the tools you need to be resilient
  • Identify leaders that will inspire you to believe in yourself


How to make resilience tangible and provide you with tools you need to achieve your goals daily.

  • Set goals that will give you direction to help pull you out of bed
  • Create resources that provide daily inspiration to condition your mind for resilience
  • Identify patterns to eliminate destructive behaviour and put you in control of your decisions


How to manage your energy that fuels your body so you can focus mentally, be effective and avoid fatigue.

  • Tactical steps that will help identify triggers so that you make healthy choices
  • A simple framework to develop routines that will help you get the rest you need
  • Scheduling strategies to create space in your calendar so that you prioritize your health


  • Program begins on February 1st and runs until May 1st
  • Every day at 8:30am Kevin teaches a lesson on resilience, mental health, and managing change
  • Every Tuesday at 1pm is a 60-minute LIVE Q&A
  • Each month is a half day, 4-hour workshop
  • One-hour, personal discovery call with Kevin to understand your specific goals
  • Private FB Group available to ask specific questions in between sessions
  • Replays available of every lesson and workshop


Nancy Gour // Director, People Programs & Culture, Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation

"It is always a pleasure to hear Kevin speak. Our team benefited greatly having Kevin refresh CDIC on the Hero Mindset and giving us actionable tools and strategies to help build our mental resilience during unprecedented times. Once again, you have hit it out of the park."

Melissa G Ignacio // Lab Auditor

"Thank you for your talks last summer, I still use my toolbox to this day. I’ve surprised myself in so many ways over the last two years and for it, I have become just that bit more resilient. Thank you, Kevin, for being a part of that!"

Dott Buchanan // Drizze Personal Chef

"The Resilience Toolbox provided me with a practical, straightforward guide to self awareness and self help. I now understand how to build healthy coping mechanisms which leads to growth and prosperity while minimizing mental suffering."

Sean Ratcliffe // Ratcliffe Home Inspections

"Three years ago my step-son and I were t-boned by a transport running a red light. There were physical injuries, but the mental injuries hurt the most. How do you heal something you cannot see? Kevin likes to say, compare yourself today to who you were yesterday and for me, finally the bulb lit! I was trying to be who I was before the accident and failing. Kevin and his program can and do make differences!"

Katelin Mailer  // Vice President, Human Resources, Lactalis Canada Inc.

"We first introduced Kevin and The Hero Mindset during our Leadership Team Meeting in February 2020, and then requested he return to deliver The Resilience Toolbox through live session with our Virtual Engagement Community. More than ever, during these unprecedented times, building our mental wellness is key and Kevin is just the person to drive home key principles and practices anyone can benefit from."

Ashlie Drake // Solopreneur

"The Resilience Toolbox has been a game changer for me! Since working with Kevin my sleep has improved drastically, my nutrition has improved, I now journal and meditate on a regular basis, and have such a clearer mind to just do everyday life."

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