These Three Words Can Save Your Life

One of the biggest struggles I find people face when experiencing mental health issues is learning how to effectively ask for help.

To begin, it’s very difficult to admit that you have a problem. I’ve been there on three occasions where I thought I had it all figured out on my own, but I continued to struggle. It wasn’t until one day when I finally said to myself “Enough is enough!” and I stopped beating around the bush.

Previously when I asked for help, I would say things like,

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“What’s up this weekend? Are you free?”

“What are you up to tonight? Want to get a drink?”

The problem is, however, that these statements are all very vague. They leave room for a lot of interpretation. Someone can read these statements and just assume that you are inquiring about a general night out on the town. Maybe they think you are bored, and are not actually suffering inside.

The problem is that someone can easily read these statements and blow you off. You need to let people know that you are suffering in order to get help.

That’s what was happening to me, and it was nobody’s fault but my own.

When I finally snapped out of it, it was out of pure frustration that nothing else was working. I knew that I was being vague and if I wanted to get the help I really needed, I needed to be clear in my ask.

Try this.

The next time you are experiencing mental health challenges and are in need of some support, simply write “I need help”, and then ask “Are you free tonight?”, and go from there.

I promise you, it’s a game changer that will dramatically help you start the process of healing.

— — — —

About me:

1) A keynote speaker on mental health and change management, I help individuals and organizations shift their mindset in the workplace to drive results and embrace change.

2) As a retired Paralympian, I am the founder of the corporate team building program, the Sledge Hockey Experience. I help people change their perspective about life and people with disabilities through sledge hockey. Visit www.playsledgehockey.com to learn more.

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