The ONE THING You Need to Enjoy Your Holiday Season

As the holidays are now just a few days away from officially beginning, I have seen several posts online from people reflecting and sharing some of their lessons from the past year.

Without question, there have continued to be many challenges that made 2022 just as difficult as the year prior, but in different ways.

In 2020/2021, my biggest challenges were financial. In 2022, it has been my physical health.

Recently, I posted a few articles including how to make the most of and how to be mindful over the holidays.

Today, instead of giving you something else to possibly help you push harder, I am recommending you give yourself one thing to send you in the opposite direction.

Give Yourself Permission

This year, give yourself permission to take a step back and have some honest conversations about how the last year went for you and what you need to come out of the holidays rejuvenated and stronger.

With the recent passing of Twitch, it has shone light again on the importance about being honest about your mental health.

I remember when I was struggling, it was hard to turn depression around and know that it’s ok to ask for help.

Ask Sooner, Feel Better

From my experience, one of the biggest lessons I learned is that the sooner I asked for help, the sooner I began to recover.

This model helps illustrate how the longer we tend to hold onto our struggles, the more we suffer internally. The burden becomes heavier and heavier.

However, the moment we speak up, things immediately start to get better. There is a weight lifted off your shoulders and you are on your path to healing.

My experience has been that the burden you feel you are carrying is in direct proportion to the relief you will feel when you speak up. When you speak up, your mental health, and your performance at work, and in life, all begin to improve.

It’s Your Gift

This holiday, give yourself the gift of permission to enjoy your holiday season.

Give yourself permission to acknowledge that you may need some help, that you may not be ok, and that that’s ok.

Give yourself permission to sleep in a little bit longer and remember what it feels like to be fully rested.

Give yourself permission to be you, to be human.

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