Distractions, Emotions, And Patience

August 2015, when I printed my first copy of my manuscript.

“The hardest part about writing a book is finishing it.” – Ernest Hemingway

I can’t believe how hard it has been to finish writing my book. I wrote the entire manuscript in 11 weeks during the summer and it’s been nearly five months since then yet it’s still not done. What’s going on, Kevin!?

Number one: Emotions

Well, first I must tell you that it’s hard to keep reading over your own words. I actually feel sick and tired of my own words and the more I read over them the less I want to read over them. I have an editor and it’s now being proof read as well by others, but it still comes back to me for verification. 

I just want someone else to do this for me, but I can’t.

Number two: Distractions

Second is there always seems to be something else come up. I need to get back to my old habits. When I wrote the manuscript I had the sunshine to pull me away from the computer, the sounds outside of my condo like the Toronto Blue Jays horn going off at every home run, that playoff run they had, Facebook notifications and more popping up on my screens. When I wrote in the summer I put my phone into airplane mode and turned the world off. I need to get back to that.

Number three: Patience

Christmas came around and it was nice taking some time off. Then new years. Then I didn’t feel like it, and basically here we are.

I’m slowly making progress as it’s necessary that I complete it asap. I don’t want this thing lingering any longer. For those of you who have been asking…  I’m getting closer!

Just like how I learned how to walk again one toe at a time, I am continuing to edit, one page at a time.

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