Why Book an In-Person Team Building Event This Fall?

Let’s face it.

It has been over 15 months since many of us have seen each other, been together in person, and in many cases, perhaps not even met each other!

While the province of Ontario is still in its own world in terms of reopening the economy, the time has now come for me to make the decision to reopen our in-person team building program, the Sledge Hockey Experience.

“Why?”, do you ask?

Well, aside from the fact that it would be awesome to play sports again, here are five additional reasons to consider playing this fall!

We are craving connection.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that we are all craving connection more than ever. Research shows that loneliness is terrible for our health, and it has only been amplified over the past year.

According to Harvard Business Review, “It diminishes cognitive performance and the immune system, increases the risk of heart disease and dementia and hastens early death.”, as well as “studies show that people need strong social connections to feel happy and find meaning in their lives.”.

Personally, loneliness has been my biggest challenge during the pandemic.

I love delivering The Hero Mindset keynote virtually, however, if you ask any speaker today, we are all missing the energy that in person events gives us and the amazing conversations that happen when we are hanging out in a hallway.

We have been hanging out in our own hallways for 15 months.

Isn’t it time that we find a new hallway?

We are craving FUN!

Working remotely created a lot of unsaid conversations since we are stuck in our own hallways and having less “water cooler conversations”.

For some teams, creating open dialogue was already difficult, and virtual work has now just amplified that.

In one of our previous events, one of the greatest results of the Walker Aggregates team coming together was how the fun and excitement on the ice led to bridge the gap amongst employees – very similar to the water cooler conversations.

“Now it seems to be more people are willing to help each other. There are a lot of smiles on everybody’s faces. We see people laughing and talking more! It’s really brought us together. We are now more mindful of each other.”, said Ken Lucyshyn, VP of Walker Aggregates.

How many people right now do you know need to have a conversation but aren’t having one?

How many people on your team haven’t met each other yet who would love to connect and finally meeting in person for the first time?

If you have a team whom you would like to show some appreciation for and get a better understanding of their challenges, why not contact us here to come out on the ice and have some fun playing sledge hockey!

Employee Engagement = Productivity and Growth

It’s no secret that when you are happy at work it is easier to get things done.

For example, when the University of Warwick did this study on the impact of having fun at work, the results showed that there was a 12% spike in productivity among happy workers.

Additionally, this study by BrightHR demonstrated that employees who have fun at work are more committed, report feeling creative, and are less likely to take sick days away from their organization.

Personally, I think about how many days are better when I have connected and spoken with someone at the gym in the morning. Laughing, having fun, and some form of human connection is vital to helping you feel like you are engaged with others around you.

I can’t believe that there are some teams haven’t done any team building over the last year, but they’re out there!

As you think about the health and joy within your team, how much would they benefit from getting together and sharing some laughs in person?

As you think about the health and joy within your team, how much would they benefit from getting together and sharing some laughs in person? Share on X

Team building fosters wellbeing.

Constant stress is a silent killer.

We think we can manage stress like a pot of boiling water, until we stop paying attention to it and it overflows.

Next thing you know you are trying to clean up a mess that would have been much easier to manage had you been proactive before it got bad.

(If you’d like some strategies on this topic, check out my workshop on Managing Your Mindset: How to Reduce Stress & Fight Back Against Anxiety).

Taking some time to blow off some steam gives your mind a chance to wander and create space for something new to come in.

For me, similar to when you have an idea in the shower, I tend to get a lot of ideas when I am out on the ice skating. It’s a place where your mind can wander free and ideas start to flow.

If social connection can increase your chance of longevity by 50% even when you’re isolated, just imagine what that boost will feel like if you connect in person this fall.

The Sledge Hockey Experience can be the means to help foster your teams wellbeing.

We are resilient.

Getting together for in person events is going to take some getting used to, but if there is any one thing, I hope that each of us have learned over the last year is that we are resilient.

At the start of the pandemic, I received so many calls to deliver a keynote on The Hero Mindset and workshops from The Resilience Toolbox.

After speaking to thousands of new people, here are a few takeaways that come to mind.

First, you are stronger than you think. Chances are that something you thought you would have defeated you a year ago, now seems easier. What is that?

Second, you have grown through adversity. Had you not had some particular challenges over the last year, you wouldn’t be where you are today. What challenges made you grow stronger?

Third, we must continue to move forward. There is no going back. We must continue to find a way in this new normal. What does moving forward look like for you?

(Ps. Today, the topic is on the rise again as we return to work and re-enter the winter months. If you need a keynote or workshop delivered on the topic, contact me here!)

You have grown through adversity. Had you not had some particular challenges over the last year, you wouldn’t be where you are today. What challenges made you grow stronger? Share on X

In Conclusion

Taking the step back to in person events will take some getting used to, but it’s the way for us to not only move forward, but to reignite that team spirit that is lingering behind every home office and computer desk.

There is a wealth of potential amongst teams who are just dying to get together again and make some new connections to bridge that gap behind what they see on screen and what they seek to feel in person.

If you are looking for a team building event that is unique, safe, and highly engaging to bring your team together this fall, consider getting #buttdown on the ice and contact us today!

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