Three Ways to Stop Running From Your Problems

Stop running away from your problems.

There’s so many of you who just want to run away as soon as a problem comes your way.

Trust me – you need to stick around.

The problem with running away, is that the problem doesn’t go away. It’s an escape and you can say “I don’t want to deal with this right now.”

Or perhaps you might say, “I’m overwhelmed”, “I have other things to do”, or “It’s not that important”.

That’s normal.

The problem is that though this may help us in the short-term, it really kills us in the long run.

The faster you face your truth to deal with your problems, the faster you can get to the outcome that you’re looking for.

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How Can I Start to Deal With My Problems Faster?

So the question to ask yourself today is “What truth do I need to face?”

Problems in your life are necessary. They’re there for a reason. That reason might be that they’re helping direct you or sculpt you into the person you need to be or change your direction into that new future you’re looking for.

Problems exist to help make you stronger.

Avoidance is a great solution for short term pain, but it creates long term suffering. Share on X

When people ask me, “Kevin, how did you get through battling suicide?” or “How did you get through rebuilding your life after the Olympics?”, I am always quick to remind you that all of these situations were difficult to go through, but have all made me stronger.

Here are three steps to help you be resilient when you are facing problems in your life.

Step 1. Make A Decision

Decide on how you’re going to approach your situation and the attitude that you bring to that problem.

Say to yourself, “I’m going to deal with this. I’m going to deal with it now and I know that it’s going to be tough, but I’m going to stay here. I am going to stick around and figure out a solution today as quickly as I possibly can, because I know that if I leave this problem it’s going to live on longer.”.

If you don’t decide to address the issue today, it’s going to grow to become a bigger problem in your mind.

Then the longer and the more that it does that, the more it’s going to seem insurmountable or something you don’t want to deal with, it’s going to grow.

The faster you can decide on a positive attitude to deal with your problems, the faster you can solve your problems.

(If you are struggling with wanting to completely give up on your problems, get in the right mindset to tackle them head-on. Learn more about staying motivated.)

The faster you can decide on a positive attitude to deal with your problems, the faster you can solve your problems. Share on X

Step 2. Determine Your Next Move

You may not know what that long-term solution is yet, but decide at this exact moment, “What is one step I can take towards solving my problem today?”

Ask, “What is the next best decision that will help me get to the next best decision?”.

Don’t think about solving the whole entire problem at once, but ask yourself “What can I do right now to move myself forward and in a new direction that I want to go?”.

You may not know what that long-term solution is yet, but decide in this exact moment, "What is that one solution that I can deal with today, right now?" Share on X

Step 3. Be Consistent

If you need to pause and you need to step away for a bit, that’s ok, but you don’t need to run away.

Take a moment, pause, give yourself some time and a moment to reflect, then re-approach and continue to deal with your problem.

If you can, take a five minute break or do a 10 to 20 minute meditation, whatever it is to calm your mind down.

If you need a day, take a day off, but don’t let it become a week before you try and get your momentum going again.

(To help achieve more consistency in your life, read about how your mind is like a magnet.)

If you pause and hit the reset button, that gives you time and a moment to reflect. Share on X

If it’s relationship problems going on, like you had a fight with your spouse, you know, that might need more than five minutes to deal with, maybe you need to step back for a day or a couple of days.

Be patient and consistent in dealing with your problem and continuing to go back to it as soon as you possibly can.

Only you know what that needs to be.

In Conclusion

The longer you let problems live on, the longer they are going to take to resolve.

The sooner you display courage and face your problems head-on, the sooner your confidence will grow and the sooner your problem will be resolved.

Remember that problems exist for a reason…

To help you become stronger.

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