I’m currently reading the book titled “TRUST” by Iyalana Vanzant.

I got into the book because I signed up for a 90-day program with David Neagle. David teaches money mindset for entrepreneurs and we are currently working through some of this book to get a better understanding on how as entrepreneurs, we can often lack self-trust to believe in our abilities, decision making, true desires, and much more.

Currently we are reading a section titled “DARE TO TELL THE TRUTH”.

The sub section I am at is on “Truth, Honesty, and Trust”, and it begins by talking about fear and how to dismantle it.

It made me think, when we are working on being courageous around all of the challenges we are facing today, this is how you can find a way to take control…


Let’s face it.

It has been over 15 months since many of us have seen each other, been together in person, and in many cases, perhaps not even met each other!

While the province of Ontario is still in its own world in terms of reopening the economy, the time has now come for me to make the decision to reopen our in-person team building program, the Sledge Hockey Experience.

“Why?”, do you ask?

Well, aside from the fact that it would be awesome to play sports again, here are five additional reasons to consider playing this fall…


Back when I wrote my last two blogs articles in June, I honestly had no plans to stop writing during the summer. I had just crushed out 10 months of consistent content which was absolutely a new record for me.

I set a goal when I launched my new website last August that I would blog consistently, and although I made a solid run, I still fell off the map.

Yes, I am disappointed in myself too.

On one hand, I’d love to dive into why that happened, but at the same time it was somewhat intentional.

And here’s why…


Yesterday was the first time in months that I was able to get outside and enjoy a patio in public.

It was a familiar and unusual feeling.

I wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was weird how much I had forgotten the feeling of being in that environment and how great it was to connect in person.

We were discussing the blog post I recently shared on 5 Tips to Help Disconnect and Enjoy Your Summer.

Building on that, I thought I would take it a step farther to additionally provide you with 10 Ideas to Help You leave Lockdown…


This week, the province of Ontario announced its reopening plan, which is both figuratively and literally, a breath of fresh air.

Ontario residents have been long awaiting a chance to resume some form normalcy and get back outside in group settings to reconnect with others and enjoy the warm weather.

While sunshine is calling our name, there are still workaholic habits that have been created over the last 14 months causing work to bleed into all hours of the day, leading to extensive burnout.

As you look to maintain your mental resilience and continue to implement The Hero Mindset in your day to day life, here are five tips to help you plan your reintegration as you disconnect and enjoy the summer ahead…