Change is constant.

Especially in the world we live in today, there seems to be little certainty in what tomorrow will look like, let alone next week.

Fear creeps in, and before we know it, we feel like we have lost control, find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward.

Personally, and professionally, we can get in our own way without even knowing it. We may self-sabotage, hold ourselves back due to fear, talk ourselves out of our abilities. All of which are ways that we “get in our own way”.

If you find yourself struggling with all the change that continues to go on in this world…


Now that you’re back to work from holidays, what has the transition back to your work schedule looked like?

During the holidays, you likely let down your boundaries so that you could relax and enjoy some well-deserved time off.

Makes sense! I did too!

However, something that came up in conversation recently was the topic of boundaries and how they help you readjust and keep your life balanced heading back into work.

If you need some help adjusting, one strategy many people find helpful is what I call “The 3 P’s” which are to prepare, pause, and practice…


Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays can be a bit of a challenge.

You might be coming off several plates of indulgence, copious amounts of liquor, and possible negligence from anything to do with exercise beyond putting on and taking off your comfy clothes each day.

(You did change your clothes over the holidays, didn’t you?)

Even for the best of us who have great habits and routines, we can fall out of rhythm in what we like to do.

If you happen to be at a different place and just need some tips and guidance to get going again, know that there’s no need to stay down in the dumps longer than necessary.

Here are five tips to help get your started…


Every year around the end of December, we often start to reflect on how the past year has gone and the pros and cons that made it beautiful or not so great.

Personally, I like to recap my year by taking a glance back over my calendar and searching for milestones that stand out to me from keynote speaking and workshops, or the Sledge Hockey Experience team building events.

I also search for major events like weekend getaways, festivals with friends, road trips, or anything else that stands out as something to remember…


As we move closer to the holiday season, it can become a stressful time for many.

Even under normal circumstances, trying to coordinate plans, buy gifts, wrap up year end reviews at work all while keeping projects moving along and your boss happy, can become very daunting and overwhelming leaving you feeling tired, exhausted, and again, burnt out.

Over the next few weeks, regardless whether or not you have the holiday break that we all dream of, it will be important to create space in your day to create space in your mind…