Recently, I have been delivering a series of Instagram Live videos on resilience with some of my friends in high performance sport.

Tyler McGregor, is the Captain of Team Canada’s Para Ice Hockey team, and Natascha Wesch is my former sport psychologist from when I trained for the 20144 Sochi Paralympics.

After my last session, we wrapped up with one of the most simple and powerful takeaways you can imagine!

How to be resilient in “.1” step at a time…


As the new year kicks back into swing, it can be hard to get yourself back on track after a relaxing holiday.

One of the biggest challenges I have been facing is getting my sleep routine back on schedule. After spending the night at my Mom’s place a couple of nights, plus a few mornings sleeping in, before you know it you sleep schedule is out the window and you’re fighting to get back in a groove again.

Here are a few tips from inside The Resilience Toolbox to help you get “back on schedule”…


Now, I know this might easily turn into an unpopular topic in the sense that this has been one hell of a year, and the last thing that anyone wants to do is to “set goals” for the holidays. This is your time to disconnect, let go, and just be human. I get it. BUT!


As we move closer to the holiday season, it can become a stressful time for many.

Even under normal circumstances, trying to coordinate plans, buy gifts, wrap up year end reviews at work all while keeping projects moving along and your boss happy, can become very daunting and overwhelming leaving you feeling tired, exhausted, and again, burnt out.

Over the next few weeks, regardless whether or not you have the holiday break that we all dream of, it will be important to create space in your day to create space in your mind…


After I was paralyzed, I spent 12 months learning to walk again. I had achieved the comeback story that we all dream of.

Then around the 16 month mark, I was experimenting with botox treatments in my legs to help calm down the muscle spasms. My first treatment went well, so we upped the dosage for the second treatment.

What ended up happening – was the worst. I had to go BACK INTO THE WHEELCHAIR.

That’s right. After nearly a year and a half of making progress, I was devastatingly set back HARD and had to start all over again from square one!