How To Not Quit

I was watching a video recently by David Goggins talk about what he says to himself when he wants to quit.

(If you don’t know who David Goggins is yet, you need to look him up. He’s not for everyone, but I love the guy. He is a former Navy Seal who was grossly overweight, went through hell week three times, served, retired, and in now an ultra marathon runner and dubbed “The Toughest Man Alive”).

In the interview, David was asked “In a 100 mile marathon, what keeps you going at mile 50 when you want to quit?”.

David’s answer?

Focusing on “REMEMBER vs. FORGET”.

For example, if you feel like you may want to give up today, consider:

Do you forget all that you have overcame to get to the place that you are today? 

Do you forget how much more courage you now have to take on and face bigger challenges?

Did you forget all the time and effort invested to get you into this exact moment, despite the finish line still seeming far away, what it would be worth for you to just keep… on…. going?

It’s easy to forget all the reasons that have gotten you to where you are today.

Then on the other side…

Do you remember all the reasons why you deserve to succeed? What you really want out of this situation? Out of life?

Do you remember all the people who love you and are cheering you on to succeed? Who has your back? Who do you want to celebrate with at the finish line?

Do you remember what pushing past this point you of struggle will do for you if you just… take…. one… more… step?

For me, one mantra that has helped me over the years is “When you have every reason to give up, keep going”.

It’s what helped me overcome my paralysis, deal with my dad’s paralysis, dad’s death by suicide, and helped me get through post Olympic depression.

What you say to yourself when you want to quit matters.

If you feel like you are losing hope right now, take a moment to think about,

Will you forget all of the obstacles that you have had to overcome so far? All of the reasons you deserve to succeed?

Or will you remember what the other side looks like for you? Remember the courage and resilience that you have developed so far will be with you for the rest of your life. It will give you strength to take on bigger challenges in the future?

And frankly, what in the world would be considered a bigger challenge than COVID?

Make it through this, and you can make it through anything.

You got this.

Here is the interview with David Goggins I was referencing:


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