How To Avoid Death By 1000 Cuts

As the world continues to add pressing demands on our mental health and resilience, we must continue to do everything we can to stay focused, prioritize, eliminate distractions, and optimize our life and wellbeing so that we can avoid the dreaded “Death by 1000 cuts”.

Right now you may be facing silly, little challenges such as cleaning the house, building a resume, following up with a client, leveraging EAP support at work, replying to emails, taking time to go for your morning walk… any number of things that really help you feel like you are “on track” and have some sort of control or routine going where you are not out of your flow.

In this video, I share a strategy that has helped me for many years prioritize my “1000 things to do”.

That includes building your To Do, Should Do, and WILL DO list.

When you build your To Do list, ask yourself “What do I need to let go of?”.

When you build your Should Do list, ask yourself “What is actually a priority?”.

When you build your WILL DO list, ask yourself “What’s the ONE THING that such by doing it, would make everything else easier or unnecessary?”.

This process will help you start to eliminate unnecessary items that keep hanging over your head, that do not matter, and focus on the things that do while keeping in sight what your ONE THING IS that will make everything else in your life easier or unnecessary.

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