5 Tips To Help You Be Mindful Over The Holidays

(Note: This blogpost was originally published on December 8th, 2020 and has since been updated)

As we move closer to the holiday season, it can become a stressful time for many.

Even under normal circumstances, trying to coordinate plans, buy gifts, wrap up year end reviews at work, keep projects moving along, and keep your boss happy as you approach year end can become very daunting and overwhelming leaving you feeling tired, exhausted, and at worst, struggling to avoid burnt out.

Over the next few weeks, regardless whether you need to stay local again or have the ability to travel to some degree, it will be important to be mindful in how you give yourself some time and space to rest and relax.

Especially, mentally.

In this video I share my top 5 tips from The Resilience Toolbox to help you stay mindful over the holidays.

Get Outside

I can’t reiterate this enough!

I have written about it in how both the #75 Hard Challenge helped me stay physically and mentally well during Covid winter, and in this blog post on how to stay positive during the winter months.

Even just a 10 minute walk will help you find clarity as you step away from your computer.

When you get fresh air you will feel more awake, alert, energized, and happier just from doing something “hard” such as getting outside for fresh air.

Often the biggest battle we face in getting outside is not actually the weather, but our own mindset in how we think about getting outside.

If we can start to view getting outside not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity, we can be mindful in making decisions in how that will benefit our wellbeing.

If we can start to view getting outside not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity, we can be mindful in making decisions in how that will benefit our wellbeing. Click To Tweet


Meditation has tremendous benefits to help you become more mindful.

You can experience decreased stress, a lowered heart rate, greater concentration, a calmer mind, and so much more.

Personally, I used to despise the idea until I discovered Headspace. After I did the first 10 session free trial, I was hooked.

You can also find benefit in simply sitting with your eyes closed as well. Just let there be peace, meaning, don’t try to do anything. Let go of your phone, let go of having to move, let go of trying to control everything and just be willing to sit with your thoughts for a moment and be still.

(Note: Consider this keynote or workshop on How to Reduce Stress and Fight Back Against Anxiety)

But I know not everyone is a fan of meditation, and that’s ok. You don’t have to be. Being mindful doesn’t require you sit in silence. You can find other ways to experience the benefits of meditation that include activity.

Maybe it’s painting, drawing, colouring, doing a puzzle like I did… I have even heard people speak about picking up Lego, woodworking, and crosswords. Anything that helps you distract your mind in a healthy way can be a mindful activity!

Anything that helps you distract your mind in a healthy way can be a mindful activity! Click To Tweet


Reading is one of the best ways you can feed your mind and be mindful over the holidays.

Of course, I recommend reading my autobiography, Still Standing: When You Have Every Reason To Give Up, Keep Going.

(You can download a free copy here!)

I also recommend you check out Victor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search For Meaning. Both are a short read which will give you hope.

Reading is a way to fuel your mind, spark ideas, and bring perspective in a world filled with chaos.

What is a book that you have had sitting on your shelf that you wish you would complete? Perhaps now is the best time to pull it back out and give your mind a place to disconnect to!


This can be a great exercise to do alone, or with your partner or children.

Take a moment to think about what would you like 2022 to include in areas such as your finances, health, relationships, career, and map those out with images.

Create a vision board by finding images on Google that inspire you and then spend an afternoon pasting them together to create something that inspires you.

I have used vision boards and quote boards for years to help me stay motivated and mindful in my pursuit to learn how to walk again and make Team Canada.

(Note: If you are looking for an inspirational speaker for an upcoming event, contact me here!)


In addition to reading, journalling has to be one of my most powerful tools to be mindful.

Just check out this post and see what I mean. I was given journals when I was in rehab and it changed my life forever.

The best way I describe how powerful journals are, is that when you write things down you make your thoughts real.

They become tangible.

In order to be mindful, we want to understand what we are thinking, why we are thinking that, and how to change it.

For example, if you write down what is troubling you and then identify what you have control over vs. what you don’t, just the simple act of writing that out will help you gain clarity in your mind.

In Conclusion

Of course there are many more strategies available, but these five are all available to you at no cost and can be implemented immediately to help you be mindful over the holidays.

If you are interested in taking time over the holidays to dive deeper into developing your wellbeing, mindfulness, and mental resilience, I encourage you to check out The Resilience Toolbox on demand.

I have assembled all of the tools and strategies I live into an easy to follow roadmap to help people like yourself develop your mental resilience. It’s self paced, online, and guided by yours truly.

Or if you have an event that you are looking for a keynote speaker or workshop, send me a message.

When we focus on small things that make a big difference, that is how each of us can show up to become a hero in our own movie and be mindful over the holidays!

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